Restoration & Custom Builds


Musical instrument restorations are a labour of love that blend technical skill with a deep appreciation for the instrument’s history and craftsmanship.

Each restoration project begins with a thorough assessment, where we carefully examine the instrument to understand its unique needs and challenges, whether it’s a vintage violin, an antique harp, or a classic banjo.

With our combined artisan skill of traditional techniques and modern innovations, we restore the instrument to its former glory. This process often involves meticulous cleaning, repairing structural damage, replacing worn parts, and refinishing surfaces to match the original look and feel.

Throughout the restoration, we pay close attention to preserving the instrument’s original character and sound quality, ensuring that it not only looks beautiful but also performs at its best.

Our dedication to excellence and reverence for musical heritage ensure that each restored instrument can continue to inspire and create beautiful music for many years to come.

Fiddle Restoration

Antique Harp Restoration

Banjo & Ukulele Restoration

Custom Built Instruments

Custom building musical instruments is a meticulous and creative process that transforms a musician’s vision into a tangible, playable masterpiece.

Starting with an in-depth consultation, we collaborate closely with the musician to understand their specific preferences for sound, aesthetics, and playability.

Using only the finest materials, each component of the instrument is carefully selected and crafted with precision. From shaping the body and neck to installing hardware and applying custom finishes, every step is executed with exceptional attention to detail.

Throughout the build, we incorporate both traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques to ensure the instrument meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

The result is a bespoke instrument that not only looks stunning but also resonates with the musician’s unique style and artistry, providing a truly personalized playing experience.

Custom Built Fiddle

Custom Fiddle

Custom Built Harp

Custom Built Harp

Custom Built Banjo