Instrument Servicing and Repairs

My workshop is always open for instrument servicing and repairs. Many satisfied clients have passed through my door, with a smile on their faces especially when they see the work that goes into keeping a musical instrument in good shape.

As the saying goes, ‘with a musical instrument in your hand, you will always have a friend close by’. That is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your instrument in good condition at all times.

Harp Servicing

We offer harp servicing and Lever Regulation to all makes of Lever Harps.

​We recommended that you have your harp serviced and regulated annually especially when it is be used every week. We have a sound knowledge and understanding of with all the technical aspects needed when servicing harps. 

Prior to a service a diagnosis will be made with the harp owner and all associated servicing and regulation will be listed and agreed before the service commences.

This process is in place to keep the harp owner informed of all decisions with their instrument raise the awareness and understanding for the future upgrades.

Harp Servicing and Regulating

Harp regulation is an essential part of the harp maintenance. This where the alignment between the Levers, Tuning Pins, Bridge pins and sound board i.e. (soundboard eyelet replacements) are all aligned so that there is no buzzing or unwanted nuisance noises. This will keep your instrument in the order for which it was designed.

To make a service /regulation worthwhile the harp strings must be in good order, because in some cases faulty strings will be the culprit for the regulation problems. You should check your strings regularly and depending on the type of strings you use some string types need replacing more often than others.

Regulation typically takes a one to two hours. For your convenience you can leave the harp in the workshop for those few hours or pick up your harp the following day.

The Harp Servicing Fee

This will be discussed at the time of the service diagnosis and agreed before any works commence.

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