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The Craft Shed

Delve into the world of meticulously crafted musical instruments, 3d relief carving and restoration projects where each piece tells a story of tradition and skill.

3D Relief Wood Carving

Experience the precision of CNC and laser techniques combined with traditional handcrafting to create stunning wooden reliefs.

Instrument Servicing

Expert maintenance and tuning for harps, banjos, and fiddles, ensuring each instrument performs at its best.

Restoration Mastery

Reviving the soul of musical instruments with meticulous restoration processes for harps, violins, and banjos.

Our Expert Services

3D Relief Wood Carving

Experience the artistry of 3D relief wood carving, where we utilize advanced CNC machinery, precise laser cutting, and traditional handcrafting techniques to bring intricate designs to life on wood.

Musical Instrument Servicing

Our skilled technicians specialize in the meticulous servicing of harps, banjos, and fiddles, ensuring each instrument performs beautifully and preserves its unique sound.

Instrument Restoration

We restore harps, violins, and banjos with a careful process that respects their heritage and revives their original glory, blending traditional methods with modern precision.

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Masterpieces of Wood and String

What Our Customers Say

‘The attention to detail on my custom-made fiddle is astounding. Irish Crafted Instruments truly made a piece that sings with its own spirit.’

Eileen O'Sullivan

‘I had my grandfather’s banjo restored by the team, and the result was beyond what I could have imagined. It’s like they brought it back to life with their craftsmanship.’

Sean Murphy

‘The precision of the 3D relief wood carving on my new harp is exceptional. Every curve and line is perfect, thanks to their skilled artisans.’

Maeve Connolly

‘From the initial design to the final product, the service was impeccable. My custom banjo is not only an instrument but a piece of art.’

Liam Gallagher

‘I am thrilled with the restoration work done on my violin. It’s not just restored; it’s rejuvenated, thanks to Irish Crafted Instruments.’

Fiona Byrne

‘The craftsmanship on my laser-carved wood panel is breathtaking. It’s clear that they put their heart into every piece they craft.’

Conor Healy

Explore Our Custom Craftsmanship

Whether you’re seeking bespoke 3D relief wood carvings, precise instrument servicing, or meticulous restoration of your cherished musical instruments, Irish Crafted Instruments is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us now to discuss your custom project needs and let us craft your dream into reality.