This is the first harp I made, I got the idea to make this for my daughter, this harp was made of oak, I got the planks from a close friend and they looked like they were of no use at all until the dust was cleared away. It revealed a nice clean grain of Oak.  I measured everything twice sometimes three times just to be sure as I was limited to the material quantity I had in the two planks. So the harp was made and it took six months to complete, all of the parts were made by hand even the tuning pins.

I made these on my lathe in the worksho, the year it was made I entered it in the craft competition and it was the only harp there, it got a great result. Kathleen Watkins gave it great praise for sound and craftmanship.

This old harp also had part to play in the local comhaltas fleadh competitions and was part of the groupie ceoil in the local and provincial competions. Lately its function has been to be on loan to musicians while their new harp is being made